Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you can't come up with what to do for Chester on his birthday, I can give you some ideas.

You can send us as many pictures as you'd like. But make them related to Chester's Birthday, I bet he wouldn't care less for your little puppy's picture. Good examples would be, pictures of you holding a sign, pictures of you with a cake, or a picture of something you did for him. Be original and have fun, there are a lot of things you can do.

Just like with the pictures, you can send as many videos as you'd like, just make them related to his birthday and not too long, since we don't want to bore him to death, do we?. You can record yourself wishing him a happy birthday, or singing the typical "Birthday" song on your language, or anything you'd like as soon as it's related to his birthday.

If you're more of an artist, you can record yourself singing a special song and upload it to youtube. But make sure to explain why you wrote the song, specially if it's for Chester.

You can write a long or short letter (according on what you wanna say to him), all letters will be posted here but please, I will only ignore the ones written LiKe DiZz because it's annoying. Keep in mind, this might not be read by him, so don't get too personal.

If you're more of an online artis you can send us your graphics wishing him a happy birthday, or if you know how to draw you can also send drawings or comics. You can send whatever you want.

If you buy or make a birthday card, you can scan it and send it to us. These are always lovely.

If you got a special tattoo related to Chester (LP or DBS) you can also send a picture of it, but make sure to let us know the story of why it is special if you want Chester to know. We all already know how much he loves inked skin.

All things will be public, so please don’t give personal information as Mail Address, Phone Number, Credit Card number, etc. With your e-mail account and where you’re from is enough, please don’t ask Chester to write you back because you can’t give any personal information in this site, I won’t post it. This is for your own safety.


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