Friday, March 19, 2010

O. M. G.

I can NOT believe that Chester Bennington is actually READING this.

‘THE’ Chester Bennington… is READING this.

O. M. G.


Ok, today is the fourth of March and I’m writing this letter. It’s ONLY for Chester… and that happens to be YOU!!!


Hi Chester!!

I’m Maryam. I’m 18 and I’m from India. Ok, enough about myself. This letter is for you. You don’t know how much my hands are shaking, my legs are wobbling, my stomach is squirming or my heart is racing… as I write this. I can not believe that you might actually read THIS… and now you REALLY are READING this. Omg. I feel so faint!

Sorry. I’m just getting carried away.

Ok, you know what- I’m not good at wishing people I love. I mean… WHAT DO I SAY? Umm… HAPPY BIRTHDAY of course!! We love you! My entire family loves you. Even my aunt, who can not understand my choice of music and refers to Linkin Park as ‘Chester International’. LOL. Don’t know where that one came from.

I think you’re an amazing person. And on a more serious and personal note, you’ve really inspired me… in whatever I do. So thank you!! I can not imagine life without having your voice reverberating in my ears… it’s beautiful. Whether I’m miserable or sad, upset or unwell, hurt or low… you make me feel so BLISSFUL again. And that’s such a precious feeling Chester. You know what I mean. J THANK YOU SO MUCH. SO SO MUCH. AND KEEP ROCKING.

Sometimes I think that you guys are my only best friends. Only. Because you understand what I’m feeling and you take it all away, just make it so much better. Thank you so much Chester. For everything. J

Sigh… Where would the world be with out Linkin Park??

And I really, really liked the Dead By Sunrise record. My favourite tracks are ‘End of the World’, ‘Fire’ and ‘Walking in Circles’. And I’m absolutely enthralled by the lyrics of ‘Walking in Circles’. They are… incredible. Give me the creeps… in a beautiful way! LOL.

And I hope against hope that you guys win the Kids Choice Awards. We all love you guys!! You’re the best!! I’ve voted 23 times already. J

So… HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!! HAVE A BLAST… GREAT DAY, whatever. The usual (but really special) wishes. Stay happy forever and take care!

Bye!! J



By: Maryam


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