Friday, March 19, 2010


i wanna send in a pic of my little LP tattoo.

The story is simple: I found my soulmate and were gone through lots of difficult times together.
She is my best friend, she understands me in every single way and so I do with her.
We have a special connection and the LP and their amazing music ties us together too!

Chester - we both are really addicted to you, your voice... its everything!
You helped us through lots of hard times and showed us that its possible to get through everything if theres the will.
With your music you gave and will give us lots of strength.

Thats why we wanted LP always be a part of our lives and our skins ;-)
Its a connection to you and your music, its a connection between me and my best friend and it will always remind us not to give up!

Wish you all the best! Thanks for being there and never stop singing and screaming! ;-)
Have a nice birthday!

We love you!


By: Stephanie


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